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One complaint I’ve noticed from moms is the issue of finding childcare while working out. Personally, I love running, and I specifically buy jogging strollers for that purpose. Having two kids and 6 years of stroller jogging practice, I’ve created a list of tips to make those runs easier.

1) Check your stroller wheels!
Did you know that jogging strollers have a locking mechanism on the front wheel for when you run? If it’s unlocked, it’s easier to turn, but this causes the entire stroller to shake and quake and it is hard to steer. So, make sure to lock the wheel. I also keep a bike pump in the trunk of my car to make sure the stroller wheels are pumped up fully.

2) Always bring a blanket for baby!
Whether it is chilly spring or hot summer, bring a blanket! I love using thin, light-weight swaddlers as blankets. Especially since your little one is sitting being still, the Kansas winds can be pretty brutal.

3) Have snacks, a doll, a toy, and a pacy!
Basically, have most of your diaper bag in the stroller. All of these will help make the ride more enjoyable for your little ones. If you have a baby, make sure to clip on the pacy so it doesn’t fall out of the stroller onto the street. Bring snacks–they will be entertained eating and won’t complain about being hungry.

4) Do not turn your iPod music up all the way!
I’m one of those people that has to listen to music while running. Just make sure it’s not turned up all the way so you can pay attention to the needs of your little ones and be aware of your surroundings.

5) Know your path!
While in college, I loved going out the door and not knowing where I was headed on my run. Sometimes, my runs would be shorter or longer as a result and it was always nice to explore new places. But, since you have a little one tagging along, make sure you are familiar with your route, or at least know the distance or time it will take.

6) Plan WHEN you want to go!
If you prefer your baby staying up, go long before nap time. If you think running will help them sleep, go pretty close to nap time. I’ve done both, but when I go close to nap time and he falls asleep in the stroller, I can’t move him out or he’ll wake up! So, weigh the pros and cons.

and most importantly…

7) Be flexible!
Stop when they drop a paci or a toy. Make sure the sun isn’t in their eyes and that they are warm enough. My kids aren’t always calm and patient the entire run, so I have to be willing to turn back when they get fussy. Sometimes, they just want to get out and play. Thankfully, Wichita has plenty of running trails at our local parks. Let them have some run around time while you stretch, cool down, and do other workout routines.

Do you have specific tips that haven’t been mentioned? Share them in the comments!

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